Visitation Day

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” Matthew 25:13 (NIV)

Yesterday was visitation day at The Amazima School. Visitation days are a big deal at boarding schools. Even though the parents/guardians of the students at The Amazima School are allowed to visit their children whenever they would like, due to cost of travel, responsibilities at home, work, etc., it is a rare occurrence that they come on their own time. So one Saturday per term, families are invited to come to the school, see their student(s), conference with the teachers, and enjoy some special performances by some of the student clubs. It is quite the event.

Unfortunately, yesterday morning it was raining. Parents were meant to arrive between 9:00-9:30, but when my roommates and I got to the school a little before 9:30 (when chapel was scheduled to begin), we saw very few parents had arrived. It was explained to us that because of the rain, the dirt road going from the village where most of our students’ families live to the school was extremely difficult to navigate. We were not sure how many families would be able to find reliable transportation at all, or how late they would be if they did.

The next 30-45 minutes was a roller coaster of emotions. I wanted to cry as I watched students sitting around, talking to each other, their eyes focused on the gates. Watching, waiting, hoping. Whenever a matatu (taxi van) would arrive, you could see the students sitting up straight, wondering if it held the people they most loved in this world. Their backs slouched when they saw it was for someone else.

But when it was for them…

When it was for them, I wanted to cry again – this time for joy. I saw students run to their families. I saw smiles that could put out the sun. One of the most beautiful sights in this world is a family reunited.

As I was reflecting on the emotions of the day, I realized (yet again) how much I have to learn from these students. Their posture is one we should all imitate as we wait for our Lord to return. We should be waiting eagerly and expectantly, excited to see Him face-to-face. We should be keeping a watch, never knowing but always hoping for His arrival. On the blessed day of His return, I hope that I will run into His arms with an energy that will never fade. Lord, help me to be more like these precious children!

For those wondering, the sun came out and so did the families of many of our students! Visitation day was a huge success thanks to the grace of God and the efforts of our hard-working staff members.

Be blessed,


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